Paula Fenn received her Certificate in Hypnosis from the Past Life Regression Academy and uses hypnosis as a stand alone treatment or integrates hypnosis into her other clinical services.

Hypnosis works with the sub-conscious mind and is a useful tool to access repressed material and facilitate change. Typical issues which can be worked on using hypnosis include: addictions, stress, anxiety, phobias, pain, depression, relationship difficulties, self-esteem.

Hypnosis uses a variety of induction methods and scripts which are selected based on your particular needs. It involves working with suggestions to assist you to relax, understand your issues from a different perspective, reframe, remove blocks and access new ways of doing things.

Hypnosis sessions require an initial consultation in order that we can understand your needs and develop an appropriate protocol which meets your intentions. The hypnosis session will last between one and one and a half hours. It is not possible to say how many sessions you will need as every client is unique in terms of their hypnotisability and the depth of their presenting problems. Often issues are multi-layered and therefore we may need to attend to other issues which arise as a consequence of working on an initial problem.

Sessions cost £70 per hour. Please contact me for further details or to arrange a consultation.

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