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Grief and Loss In Clinical Practice: Adolescents

This workshop entitled ‘Grief and Loss In Clinical Practice: Adolescents’ was conducted for a Private Counselling Agency in Cardiff in April 2018. The workshop embraced the themes of grief and mourning, concepts of grief and the goals of grief counselling, the completion of mourning and how we get there alongside consideration of the variety of losses which can be experienced (including tangible, assumptive, developmental and deprivation). Normal and complicated grief responses, mediators of mourning and key clinical approaches to working with grief were explained. All of this thinking around grief was folded into thinking about the particular needs, presentations and developmental stages of adolescents.


Grief Counselling and Its Importance for Healing

Grief can be defined as a response to the loss of a person or object to whom we are attached. Grief is commonly linked with the loss of a loved one, however other types of losses include those which are termed disenfranchised or socially negated (including miscarriages, abortions, stillbirths).

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