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Phenomenology of the Spirit -Traumatic Experiences of The Dead

Phenomenology of the Spirit -Traumatic Experiences of The Dead. Abstract Submission: Conference Theme – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Corpse Work. University of York, June, 2019. Do the dead grieve? Do they experience loss? Emotionally suffer or dwell on unfinished business? Does how they died have any influence on them post death? And, do they have and/or should they be afforded agency as autonomous life forms?


Grief Counselling and Its Importance for Healing

Grief can be defined as a response to the loss of a person or object to whom we are attached. Grief is commonly linked with the loss of a loved one, however other types of losses include those which are termed disenfranchised or socially negated (including miscarriages, abortions, stillbirths).

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