Spirit Release is the practice of releasing intrusive energy from the human energy body and field. There are a range of intrusive energies to include: psychic attacks, discarnate entities, perpetrator energies, traumatic energies, historical unprocessed energies or thought forms. This list is not exclusive as there are a wide range of energies which can be picked up over time which are beneficial to the mind, body, emotions and Soul to remove. The process of Spirit Release is not exorcism and the term ‘possession’ is not favoured among practitioners. Exorcism embraces both a religious and a ritualistic context and the belief systems of such practitioners differ greatly from the Spirit Release Therapist. 

Spirit Release Therapy is first of all a therapy and many practitioners in the field have a background in psychiatry, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, energy healing and other alternative therapies. It is also a spiritual approach to healing which can be polarised comparative to traditional approaches to mental and physical illness. 

Spirit Release can be engaged in remotely/non-local or face-to-face. It is not to be considered a substitute for any ongoing traditional or medical treatments. Please contact me to discuss the process and arrange a session. Session charges are £60 per hour.

If you are interested in this approach to healing please look at my events page as there are a number of Conference Presentations there on the theme of Spirit Release. For example, see the following event:

If you would like to read further about Spirit Release Therapy you may find the following resource list useful:


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