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I’m Not Your Bin: Evacuation of Psycho-Emotional Debris Into Others

People use others as bins into which they evacuate material they wish to get rid of, avoid, deny. Things they don’t want to look at or sort through. Bins to receive rage, shame, discrimination and historical traumas. In fact a myriad of psycho-emotional and experiential garbage they don’t want to look at or process for themselves.


Negotiating The Enduring Trauma Imprint In Critical Incidents

This presentation entitled ‘Negotiating The Enduring Trauma Imprint In Critical Incidents’ was offered at the BACP ‘Critical Incident Trauma: Prepared not Scared Conference’ held in Edinburgh, UK, in April 2018. Topics embraced included discussing the multifaceted disparity between ‘thinking about’ and ‘responding to’ trauma from within the organisational fields of clinical practice and psychological first responding. A well-considered and ethical reconciliation is required alongside: What to do? Where to do it? and Who to do it with?


Cognitive Effects as a Consequence of the Coronavirus

Many people are experiencing the loss of a sense of personal power and self-efficacy during this crisis. They have no control at a macro level (they cannot end the Pandemic) and may be feeling disempowered and mentally overwhelmed as a consequence. 

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