Life can sometimes get difficult, confusing, messy and overwhelming. You don’t have to attend to the issues confronting you on your own. Reaching out to someone with the skills and expertise to assist you can not only bring relief, but can lead to significant changes.

All issues, and all degrees of psychological malaise, distress and pain can be addressed and supported within the therapeutic space.  Psychotherapy as a process and the psychotherapeutic relationship provides you with a space, a place, a holding environment to just be, to become, to transcend the difficulties which confront you and to live a fuller richer life in relationship with others and the world. The world in which we live in can present many daily challenges but often it is how we perceive these – how can these challenges be transformed into potential and can we adjust our lens of perception and move from entrenchment to personal freedom?

I believe that life changing transformation is possible with the right mix of client and therapist. I have witnessed incredible changes in clients which one would have not believed to be possible and link this with the deep relationship which forms between the client and the therapist. This is a relationship of containment, transition and hope. Psychotherapy offers you a learning environment, a place of self-awareness, a forum where you can work through your pain, heal your losses and metaphorically rebirth your Self.

During the process we will work together to address key psychodynamic areas such as the employment of defense mechanisms and other areas of the unconscious, dream symbolism and interactions in your relationships.  The process can be as gentle or as challenging as we make it as co-creators in the therapeutic work. Often the body, or the somatic self, can be impacted by material which is outwith your current realm of awareness. In my work with you I can provide a space to access the mind-body relationship and bring about the potential to change not only the psychological but also the physical.

I am experienced in working with a wide variety of psychological and emotional problems including: depression, anxiety, trauma, bereavement, grief, loss, abuse, sexuality, transgender, transexual, spirituality, spiritual accompaniment/guidance, Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), identity issues, attachment concerns, relationship issues, addictions, work place issues and various other psychological disturbances over the broad spectrum of the human condition. Psychotherapy can provide a forum for personal growth and development and I am experienced in helping people achieve this through a focus on change and potential.

I foundationally work psychodynamically with adult individuals in both the short and the long term.  I have flexible session times available and will normally see individuals once per week, although additional sessions when required will be offered.

Sessions last for 60 minutes and session costs are £70 per hour.

We can work together on a face to face basis, online using Zoom, or via the telephone.

Other areas of counselling I deal with include: spirituality, spiritual emergence, spiritual emergency, spiritual accompaniment, spiritual guidance, psychotic episodes, spirit release therapy, Near Death Experiences, remote and face to face spirit release, Transpersonal psychology, dream symbolism, symbols, trance healing, dream analysis, psyche-soma, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, hypnotic regression, past life regression therapy, current life regression therapy, transference, countertransference, Employee Assistance Programme, lecturing, workshops, teaching, student support, peer supervision, psycho-education, energy healing, chakra psychology, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, dissociation, trauma, relationship counselling, sex, sexuality, clinical supervision, research.

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