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Ghosts In The Therapy Room: Traumatic Experiences Of The Living and The Dead, Oslo, Norway, 2020, date to be confirmed

Ghosts in the Therapy Room: Traumatic Experiences of the Living and the Dead, is the title of a workshop to be offered to the Norwegian Association for Regression Therapy (NFRT) in Oslo, Norway, in 2020. This is a very in-depth workshop which spans a great deal of material around current life and past life trauma and how it endures if it is not metabolized. The workshop also has as a key feature, how to understand and work with traumatic experiences of the dead prior to transitioning them. Also key working aspects of Spirit Release Therapy.


The Therapeutic Process of Spirit Release

This presentation entitled “The Therapeutic Process of Spirit Release” was offered at the Healing and Spirit Release Conference in Stourbridge in the UK in 2019. Agenda items included: The Philisophical underpinnings and aims of Spirit Release Therapy,
Ontology, Epistemology and Therapeutic Foundations. An exploration of the various ways of meeting the aims of Spirit Release including assisting the client to communicate with intrusive energies and remote methods. Communication of the Therapeutic Process of Spirit Release used by Paula Fenn which is an interactive, three-person process, involving the therapist and the spirit, the therapist and the host and the spirit and the host.


Phenomenology of the Spirit -Traumatic Experiences of The Dead

Phenomenology of the Spirit -Traumatic Experiences of The Dead. Abstract Submission: Conference Theme – Interdisciplinary Approaches to Corpse Work. University of York, June, 2019. Do the dead grieve? Do they experience loss? Emotionally suffer or dwell on unfinished business? Does how they died have any influence on them post death? And, do they have and/or should they be afforded agency as autonomous life forms?


Spirit Release Conference 2020

Details of the Spirit Release Forum Conference in May 2020 at Regents University in London have now been released. There is a very rich line up of keynote speakers including myself Paula Fenn, David Furlong, Terry Palmer, Andy Tomlinson, Tom Zinser, Haraldur Erlendson, Colin Demet and Helen Ford.

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