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Working With Crystals In Regression Therapy, Oslo, Norway, 2020, date to be confirmed

Working With Crystals In Regression Therapy is the title of a theoretical and experiential workshop to be offered to the Norwegian Association for Regression Therapy (NFRT) in Oslo, Norway, in 2020. This informative workshop will include learning about and working with: Crystals and their purpose and usage, how a crystal ‘works’ to include their crystal habit, mineralology, crystallography and rock classification. We will explore specific crystals for self-development and self-evolution to include Lapis Lazuli, Azeztulite, Moldavite, Isua Stones, Quantum Quattro as well as beneficial crystals to use in Regression Therapy, when to use them and for what purposes. We will, as an example, embrace training in the use of crystals for physical transformation, the removal of objects and cutting (Knives, Cords and Ropes, Bondage/Mummification). We will also work with pendulums and crystal layouts.


Ghosts In The Therapy Room: Traumatic Experiences Of The Living and The Dead, Oslo, Norway, 2020, date to be confirmed

Ghosts in the Therapy Room: Traumatic Experiences of the Living and the Dead, is the title of a workshop to be offered to the Norwegian Association for Regression Therapy (NFRT) in Oslo, Norway, in 2020. This is a very in-depth workshop which spans a great deal of material around current life and past life trauma and how it endures if it is not metabolized. The workshop also has as a key feature, how to understand and work with traumatic experiences of the dead prior to transitioning them. Also key working aspects of Spirit Release Therapy.


Exploring Consciousness: The Weird World of Awareness & Implications on Regression Therapy, Oslo, Norway, 2020, Date to be confirmed

EXPLORING CONSCIOUSNESS: THE WEIRD WORLD OF AWARENESS & IMPLICATIONS ON REGRESSION THERAPY, Oslo, Norway, 2020, date to be confirmed. Regression Therapists are Consciousness Explorers! Many therapies focus on the problems and needs of the Ego: Identity, Selfhood, work, addictions, relationship issues and so on. Contracts with clients are limited by numbers of sessions, doing ‘check-box’ exercises and using ‘evidenced based’ approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Problems with this include: we are more than our minds/cognitions, ignorance of the body/soma, how we react, interact and the problems we create for ourselves come from deeper down, underneath the everyday conscious mind.


Earthbound Spirits & Spirit Release Therapy: Bath Positive Living 2020

In this interesting and thought- provoking presentation, Paula will discuss the process of Spirit Release Therapy, the death-point traumas which can endure after death and the therapeutic protocol she uses to assist the deceased in order to help them to heal. She will also share a range of illuminating and entertaining examples from actual cases which may challenge our everyday notions of death and the nature and endurance of consciousness post the demise of the physical body.


Spirit Release Conference 2020

Details of the Spirit Release Forum Conference in May 2020 at Regents University in London have now been released. There is a very rich line up of keynote speakers including myself Paula Fenn, David Furlong, Terry Palmer, Andy Tomlinson, Tom Zinser, Haraldur Erlendson, Colin Demet and Helen Ford.

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