Current Life Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy is engaged in on a treatment basis which means that you can attend for one or more sessions as needed or desired. Past Life Therapy involves journeying in a trance state, via a range of hypnotic techniques, back to events in a previous life and experiencing them in the ‘now’. It is a very embodied, interesting and illuminating experience which can bring forth healing and meaningful information which can help you in your current life. Re-engaging with these events can assist you to gain an awareness of issues and conflicts from the past which may need to be resolved and have possibly been influencing you at an emotional, mental or physical level and possibly even playing themselves out in patterns of behaviour and/or relationships. Unfinished business and traumas from either past lives or earlier points of our current lives are often veiled from our everyday consciousness and are repressed in the sub-conscious mind. When we access these memories and embody our past life characters and our early selves we effectively re-enter these worlds which have been locked away and can generate an awareness of certain experiences which are emerging, in often negative ways, in the present day. Past Life work also allows you to gain interesting information about who you were in a past life and is not always about healing traumas or searching for blockages. Much of what I have said regarding Past Life work is also very similar for current life work but rather than travelling into a Past Life we attend to Current Life memories and events.

Regression Therapy does not only allow you to access the memories, or create a level of understanding and awareness of the parallels between the past and the present, but also involves transforming and healing the wounds of the past in order that the unfinished business which has been manifesting in your current emotions, mind and body can shift and allow you to potentially enjoy your life in a fuller manner. Your emotional patterns, your thought patterns, your patterns of behaviour, your physical body, your relationships, your sense of purpose in life and your perceptions of reality can all change in positive ways as you integrate the experiences resolved during the regression process. 

I am an experienced practitioner and have a number of qualifications in the fields of past life regression, energy healing and psychotherapy. I currently do not have a website but you can find out more about me on the following webpages: 

To begin, we would usually meet for an Introductory Session to discuss the process in depth and develop an understanding of your needs. We would look through forms I would send you If you wish to proceed and settle on an objective/intention for the Regression Therapy. This session generally lasts for about 1.5 hrs and I charge a session fee of £60. We would then book in a 2-3 hour session to undertake the regression work. I normally charge £100-£150 (dependent upon how long) for this but I am always happy to assist clients who are unable to pay the full fee on the basis of a reduced income and so forth. Many sessions take about 2.5 hours and I would charge £120. We would then meet or talk on the phone for about 30 minutes (about 2 weeks post the regression) in order that we can discuss your progress (no cost). Often one session is not adequate but this depends upon the type of issues which you may be dealing with at present. I have seen beneficial change after one 3 hr session but people often respond better to further regression work. As I say, it depends upon your unique needs and one session can provide you with what you need.

I hope you find the above information helpful but please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions.

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