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Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits: Clearing Ghostly Imprints and Healing the Dead

In this presentation entitled ‘Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits: Clearing Ghostly Imprints and Healing the Dead’ which was offered in Somerset, UK, in July 2018 I offered a wide range of information about Spirit Release Therapy and the purpose of this approach. Key dimensions of the presentation included how to discern energies present in locations, and Spirit Attachments and Possession cases. Case examples were shared throughout as well as in-depth analysis of what constitutes energy residues and how to clear them and what must be recognized as energy intrusion and how to remove this. Examples of haunted locations were discussed including: The Old Red Lion, Crumlin Road Gaol and Mary King’s Close.


Earthbound Spirits & Spirit Release Therapy: Bath Positive Living 2020

In this interesting and thought- provoking presentation, Paula will discuss the process of Spirit Release Therapy, the death-point traumas which can endure after death and the therapeutic protocol she uses to assist the deceased in order to help them to heal. She will also share a range of illuminating and entertaining examples from actual cases which may challenge our everyday notions of death and the nature and endurance of consciousness post the demise of the physical body.

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