Tag: Destructiveness


I’m Not Your Bin: Evacuation of Psycho-Emotional Debris Into Others

People use others as bins into which they evacuate material they wish to get rid of, avoid, deny. Things they don’t want to look at or sort through. Bins to receive rage, shame, discrimination and historical traumas. In fact a myriad of psycho-emotional and experiential garbage they don’t want to look at or process for themselves.


Seek and Destroy: Envy and It’s Modus Operandi

In my clinical experience envy rears its ugly head in everyday life more than it appears in the consulting room. It seems to be the case that expressing this shadowy part of the self is so wrapped in shame and the fear of negative judgement from an outsider witness that its expression is abandoned. In this act of abandonment it leaves material of crucial significance on the outer side of the consulting room door.

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