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Exploring Consciousness: The Weird World of Awareness & Implications on Regression Therapy, Oslo, Norway, 2020, Date to be confirmed

EXPLORING CONSCIOUSNESS: THE WEIRD WORLD OF AWARENESS & IMPLICATIONS ON REGRESSION THERAPY, Oslo, Norway, 2020, date to be confirmed. Regression Therapists are Consciousness Explorers! Many therapies focus on the problems and needs of the Ego: Identity, Selfhood, work, addictions, relationship issues and so on. Contracts with clients are limited by numbers of sessions, doing ‘check-box’ exercises and using ‘evidenced based’ approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Problems with this include: we are more than our minds/cognitions, ignorance of the body/soma, how we react, interact and the problems we create for ourselves come from deeper down, underneath the everyday conscious mind.


Surfing Consciousness: The Weird World of Awareness

This presentation was offered in Avebury, Wiltshire, UK, in October 2019. Content included exploring what consciousness is, what it means to be conscious, the theoretical and experiential exploration of self-awareness, the connection between the self and transpersonal levels of awareness and collective consciousness.

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