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Working With Trauma in Clinical Practice

This clinical and intensive workshop entitled ‘Working With Trauma in Clinical Practice’ was conducted for a Private Counselling Agency in Cardiff in November, 2017. Using theory, case study examples and experiential work those in attendance developed a rich understanding about trauma, how it is defined, its experiential layers and how trauma is causally linked with the nature of specific types of events. Dissociated trauma, dissociated ‘memory’ and dissociative mechanisms utilised as a means of survival against overwhelm were addressed alongside how to transform the enduring imprints of trauma at somatic, emotional and cognitive levels. A ‘Trauma Therapists Toolkit’ was shared as well as important education about management, containment and the role of the therapist.


Healing The Dead

This presentation entitled ‘ Healing The Dead’ was offered at the SRTA Convention in Oxford, UK, in June 2015. The purpose of the presentation was to share a range of methods and techniques I use to assist and bring completion and healing to Earthbound Spirits and Spirit Attachments.


Transforming Past Life Trauma

This workshop entitled ‘Transforming Past Life Trauma’ was offered at the SRTA Convention in Oxford, UK in May, 2017. The workshop included education around the following topics: Past Life and Current Life Traumatic Events, the causal structure between the event and trauma, symptoms of trauma, dissociation and dissociative ‘memory’, trauma inducing activators and implicit memories, the energetic effects of trauma and how to transform trauma using a variety of psychotherapeutic and energetic methods.


Negotiating The Enduring Trauma Imprint In Critical Incidents

This presentation entitled ‘Negotiating The Enduring Trauma Imprint In Critical Incidents’ was offered at the BACP ‘Critical Incident Trauma: Prepared not Scared Conference’ held in Edinburgh, UK, in April 2018. Topics embraced included discussing the multifaceted disparity between ‘thinking about’ and ‘responding to’ trauma from within the organisational fields of clinical practice and psychological first responding. A well-considered and ethical reconciliation is required alongside: What to do? Where to do it? and Who to do it with?

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