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The Therapeutic Use of Crystals in Regression Therapy

This workshop entitled ‘The Therapeutic Use of Crystals in Regression Therapy’ was offered at the SRTA Convention held in Oxford, UK, in May 2017. The workshop was both educational and highly experiential and included discussing crystals and their purpose and usage, specific ways in which crystals ‘work’ and how to use crystals in Regression Therapy and for self-development/self-evolution. Examples of particular high vibrational crystals for personal and professional use were addressed and the particular stages in Regression Therapy where crystals can be used to bring about physical transformation and healing.


Working With Crystals In Regression Therapy, Oslo, Norway, 2020, date to be confirmed

Working With Crystals In Regression Therapy is the title of a theoretical and experiential workshop to be offered to the Norwegian Association for Regression Therapy (NFRT) in Oslo, Norway, in 2020. This informative workshop will include learning about and working with: Crystals and their purpose and usage, how a crystal ‘works’ to include their crystal habit, mineralology, crystallography and rock classification. We will explore specific crystals for self-development and self-evolution to include Lapis Lazuli, Azeztulite, Moldavite, Isua Stones, Quantum Quattro as well as beneficial crystals to use in Regression Therapy, when to use them and for what purposes. We will, as an example, embrace training in the use of crystals for physical transformation, the removal of objects and cutting (Knives, Cords and Ropes, Bondage/Mummification). We will also work with pendulums and crystal layouts.

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