Arguably, we are all haunted, all invaded by the ghostly imprints of our past. The memories may fleet by in a cobwebbed wisp in rare moments of melancholy and regret. Or, for many, may stab, and seer, and endure, and consume our daily existence. Living in somatised bodies and in difficult lives entrenched with psychological suffering. Beckoning the necessary recruitment in of baseline survival mechanisms in order to combat the intrusions of the past tattooed upon their hearts and burdening their Souls. As Kalshed says, “We take on a piece of the darkness of the world and carry it”. 

But how can psychotherapeutic intervention share in the burden of this heaviness? Are there ‘spiritual’ approaches to healing the Soul which can be integrated and used in classical psychotherapy to affect transformational change. To shine light into the darkness?

A client in psychotherapy recently set an aim to “Be like bamboo!” To be able to bend and adapt to the lashes of life and difficulties of relationship without breaking. He had the freedom of such an aspiration, and in the setting of this personal aim conveyed his already existent capacity to sway and adjust to the tides. Others are less free. Present in clinical practice like glass. Already shattered. Split into fragments and trapped in early breakages.

In this presentation, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Paula Fenn will discuss the haunting and imprinting effects of intrusion upon the psyche. To include a variety of personality disorders such as BPD and Malignant Narcissism, and symptomatic issues such as dissociation and somatised trauma. Using case study vignettes interlaced with theory she will explore a range of spiritually-focused methods and approaches recruited in to compassionately attend to aspects of traumatic breakage.  To include various ways of journeying with clients into the caldera of their abusive experiences in order to bring about seismic change. 

Darkness is just a space waiting for the light to shine… The presentation concludes with clinical narratives of transformation and outcomes of clinical processes which include alternative approaches to healing from the enduring spectres of the past.


Paula Fenn, M.Couns, B.A (Hons), Grad.Dip Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Dip.Regression Therapy, Dip.Past Life Regression, Cert.Hyp, Dip.Healing, Grad.Dip Crystal Therapy, CGMA – is an Accredited Psychotherapist (BACP) in private practice in the UK and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame where she completed a Masters in Counselling. She obtained her Diploma in Regression Therapy from the Past Life Regression Academy and is a Certified Member of the Earth Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh). Paula is the current Chair of the EARTh Research Committee. She is also a Spirit Release Practitioner and assists clients affected by spirit intrusion.

Paula published a book based upon her phenomenological research on symbolism within the therapeutic relationship entitled The Therapeutic Encounter with Spiritual Symbols (2012) and has published a number of articles on trauma, grief, sexual intimacy and envy, amongst others. 

After practicing in London as a Management Consultant and a Chartered Accountant she retrained as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist. Then, as a result of her psychotherapy clients entering spontaneous past lives she trained as a Regression Therapist. Paula runs bespoke workshops and lectures and presents on a range of therapeutic topics to include Trauma, Clinical Attachment Theory, Developmental Psychology and Spirit Release. She has a professional interest in the fusion of mind, body and spirit and the energetic intersect between client and therapist; more commonly referred to as the realms of transference and countertransference. Her passion is to further knowledge in the realms of consciousness studies. She dominantly works with adult individuals presenting with complex traumas and personality disorders and integrates a synthesis of analytical, regression and energy-based treatment protocols. Paula’s email is:

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