Regression Therapists are Consciousness Explorers! Many therapies focus on the problems and needs of the Ego: Identity, Selfhood, work, addictions, relationship issues and so on. Contracts with clients are limited by numbers of sessions, doing ‘check-box’ exercises and using ‘evidenced based’ approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Problems with this include: we are more than our minds/cognitions, ignorance of the body/soma, how we react, interact and the problems we create for ourselves come from deeper down, underneath the everyday conscious mind.

To be truly transformational, therapies must explore the structures and forces underneath everyday consciousness.  Regression Therapy Explores Various Layers of Consciousness: Ego, Personal Unconscious, Collective Unconscious.

Training/Agenda items include:

  • Surfing around ‘consciousness’ – Definitions and their inherent problems and qualities.
  • Consciousness and the brain.
  • Consciousness beyond the brain.
  • Experiential exercises and analysis.
  • Lens of perception issues.
  • Unconscious processes – Freud’s topographical model of the mind.
  • Carl Jung and the Red Book years.
  • Going Deeper… Carl Jung, The Psyche and The Collective Unconscious.
  • Going Deeper… Unus Mundus.
  • An integrated model of consciousness and discussion of diagram.
  • Experiencing the eternal? Connection?
  • How consciousness expresses itself or is blocked entry?
  • Tuning in to different levels of consciousness.
  • Clearing blocks – What they are and how?
  • Experiential exercises.
  • Conclusion.

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