This workshop entitled ‘The Therapeutic Use of Crystals in Regression Therapy’ was offered at the SRTA Convention held in Oxford, UK, in May 2017. The workshop was both educational and highly experiential and included discussing crystals and their purpose and usage, specific ways in which crystals ‘work’ and how to use crystals in Regression Therapy and for self-development/self-evolution. Examples of particular high vibrational crystals for personal and professional use were addressed and the particular stages in Regression Therapy where crystals can be used to bring about physical transformation and healing.

  • Crystals and their purpose and usage.
  • How and why do crystals ‘work’?
  • Crystals for self-development/self-evolution.
  • Crystals to clear, cleanse and calm.
  • How, when and why to use crystals in Regression Therapy?
  • Body Placement of crystals.
  • The Chakras: Energy Centres.
  • Pendulum Method.
  • Using a simple crystal layout to balance the Chakras.
  • List of appropriate Chakra Crystals.
  • Working with specific crystals to bring about physical transformation.
  • Experiential work.
  • Case examples.

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