Ghosts in the Therapy Room: Traumatic Experiences of the Living and the Dead, is the title of a workshop to be offered to the Norwegian Association for Regression Therapy (NFRT) in Oslo, Norway, in 2020. This is a very in-depth workshop which spans a great deal of material around current life and past life trauma and how it endures if it is not metabolized. The workshop also has as a key feature, how to understand and work with traumatic experiences of the dead prior to transitioning them. Also key working aspects of Spirit Release Therapy.

Training/Agenda items include:

  • What is trauma.
  • The trauma imprint.
  • Dissociation.
  • Working with trauma.
  • Current life and Past life trauma.
  • Spirit release.
  • Trauma and Earthbound spirits.
  • Working with spirit intrusion.
  • Tools and techniques.
  • The enduring imprint of traumatic experiences: cognitive responses and symptoms, emotional responses and symptoms, somatic responses and symptoms, relational responses and symptoms, existential responses and symptoms.
  • Traumas whether directly experienced or dissociated need to be processed.
  • Protective dissociative mechanisms embed and exacerbate the trauma imprint.
  • Dissociation can occur due to overwhelm in the system.
  • Dissociative ‘memory’, overwhelm and the Trauma Imprint.
  • Metabolisation and processing of traumatic experiences and associated responses and symptoms.
  • Past life trauma, inability to process and bleed through.
  • Examples of interventions used in clinical practice to metabolise and process trauma and dissociative symptoms.
  • The Trauma Therapist’s toolkit.
  • Working with trauma: initial stages.
  • Transforming trauma, use of bridges: somatic, emotional & cognitive.
  • Transforming trauma, using questions during bridge work.
  • Transforming trauma: the talking cure, cathartic release, working with intrusive images, psychoeducation, removal of objects, relational trauma, uncoupling energy fields, energy call back, energy payback, spiritual helpers, interplane communication, transformational chairwork and inner child work. 
  • Death is not the end: The body dies but consciousness lives on.
  • Trauma and deceased spirits.
  • Trauma and unfinished business: failure to transition to the light.
  • Dissociation pre-death.
  • Spirit Attachments and the host/spirit intersect.
  • Grief and trauma.
  • Spirit Release Therapy: Ontology, epistemology & Therapeutic foundations.
  • Protocols, methods and approaches in Spirit Release: Remote methods, assisting the client to communicate with the intrusive energy.
  • Metabolisation/Therapeutic ‘working through’ of the Host’s and the Spirit’s trauma using mediumship and techniques from Psychotherapy and Regression Therapy prior to release of the Spirit.
  • Acceptance of death and re-activation of consciousness.
  • Healing the dead using Regression therapy Transformational techniques: Death point, narrative work, cognitive reframing, moving through time, body therapy, meeting loved ones, cathartic release, soul retrieval, transition to the light.

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