This presentation entitled ‘ Healing The Dead’ was offered at the SRTA Convention in Oxford, UK, in June 2015. The purpose of the presentation was to share a range of methods and techniques I use to assist and bring completion and healing to Earthbound Spirits and Spirit Attachments.

Training/Agenda items include:

  • Methodology: How I work with Earthbound Spirits and Spirit Attachments.
  • What are Earthbound Spirits and Spirit Attachments.
  • Inability to transition.
  • Primary methods of healing.
  • Reactivation of consciousness.
  • The power of Regression Therapy and healing the dead using transformational techniques from Regression Therapy. Including: The Death Point, moving through time, meeting loved ones, cathartic release, body therapy, cognitive reframing and soul retrieval prior to transition.
  • Perpetrators and loved ones: Love is the tie that binds and endures.
  • Grief and trauma.
  • Conclusions.

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